• Beautiful tepee for little adventurers. The perfect setting for imaginative play, with the midnight and stars design to suit any room.


    Suitable for children (and grown ups) of all ages, this Tepee is a versatile play space which is as beautiful as it is fun. Younger children will enjoy playing camp, hosting a tea party and allowing their imagination to run free (a shop one day a space rocket the next!)


    As they grow up, the teepee grows with them and becomes the perfect den for settling down with a favourite book or chatting with a friend. This Teepee will be loved by all ages, its just perfect to climb in with blankets and cushions for a bedtime story.


    Easy to put up and compact to store, each teepee comes with poles, pole tie and storage tie all packed away in a fabric carry case.


    Tipi is made from 100% natural cotton canvas and wood.


    Available in Natural Canvas Colour


    All our teepees come with 4 x structural poles


    Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 145 cm

    Weighs about 3 kg

    Room for two Children 

    Midnight Stars Canvas Tipi